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mindfulness and meditation
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Hello everyone!

Let us begin by asking few questions to ourselves.

  • Is my mental health stable?
  • Do I need to work on my mental health
  • Is my work stressful?
  • Why am I feeling stressed out always?
  • Is it affecting my physical health?
  • Do I need to prioritise the dimensions of health?

If you have contradictory answers for these questions, then you are definitely at the right place.

You might have come across the word ‘MINDFULNESS’ which eventually you also know as meditation. Is that what means? Definitely NO! Its not about meditating and relaxing yourself but its also about the different aspects or related to different dimensions of health.

We all tend to take care of physical health by eating healthy food, following diet, going to the gym, workouts and what not but is only meditation enough for your mental health?

There are various practices that can be helpful for your mental health.

  1. Tai chi– It is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for self-defense and health. It is known for its slow, intentional movements, it is particularly popular as a form of gentle exercise and moving meditation, with benefits to mental and physical health.
  2. Appeal your senses– Make your senses feel active, Do things that activates your 5 senses. Look at the beauty of nature, look at colourful things, hear musics and songs, listen to motivating podcasts, eat what you like, don’t forget your tastebuds are not dieting, focus on the aroma present in nature, and activate your senses by feeling things around yourself.
  3. Practise gratitude– Build the attitude of gratitude in yourself. Whatever happens, happens for a reason, find the good in the bad, be thankful for everything you have, because some of them even don’t have that.
  4. Acknowledge what you feel– Stand up for yourself, speak up for yourself, if you can’t help yourself nobody else can. There might be times where you feel its silly or there is no solution but speak up, acknowledge what you feel.
  5. Take up a vacation– What can be best than sending time with your loved once and exploring places. We do it because we like it. That feeling of liking or loving something means that your mental health is at the right pace.
  6. Make wise decisions– You might have come across various situations where you might be in dilemma to take a decision and might have chosen something which benefits the situation, Rethink was it worth? Did I make a good and sensible decision?
  7. Love yourself– LOVE is within ourselves. If we love ourselves, others will love us. Spend ‘ME-TIME’, look after yourself, follow set care routines, do what you love, it might be art, cycling, playing, gardening anything.
  8. Inculcate the core values– Integrity, honesty, courage, balance, perseverance, empathy and so on. We all are aware of it, but the real question is are you applying it in your real life?, are you missing out on something?, what you should work?, have you ever been dishonest?, this is time to work on yourself and inculcate what is needed.
  9. Choosing the path of spirituality– When you believe that there is something greater than you, and there is always someone to rely on believe me you are not the right path. Its all about believing that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature.
  10. Stay Hydrated– How can we miss on WATER! Its a solution for everything.

Apart from the mentioned strategies here are few activities that can be a part of your classroom.

Click here- mindfulness-compressed

mindfulness as a strategy
mindfulness in teaching


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