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top 10 teaching strategies
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Hello everyone!

Let us encounter various strategies that might help you deal with effective teaching that involves the use of various strategies to engage students, promote understanding, and foster a positive learning environment.

Here are some top teaching strategies:

  1. Active learning– This is the easiest method to engage students in their learning by providing critical thinking, peer discussions, where they investigate into the concept and create their own understanding. It also helps the students to develop various skills.
  2. Differentiated learning– As a teacher we should meet the expectations of every individual. As we follow inclusive education it is important to provide equal amount of support and help to each individual.
  3. Inquiry based learning– It helps us to plan our lesson and make it easier and helpful for the student community for better understanding. Various inquiry cycles like Kath Murdoch inquiry cycle, Chips Inquiry cycle, 5E Model can be helpful
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  4. Collaborative learning– As we promote more of student agency and voice, choice ownership it is important that the students and teachers work collaboratively, its a cycle: Teacher-Student-Teacher.
  5. Technology integration– Cannot miss technology in 21st century era, we all are aware the importance and addiction to technology. It can be helpful for better understanding for visual and kinesthetic learners.
  6. Assessments– What after teaching, teaching is a continuous process but how to assess it, so we the four dimension of assessing learning: Monitoring, documenting, measuring and reporting.
  7. Feedback & feedforward-We all know feedback but are you aware of feedforward, its more than, “Good, Excellent, Can do better”
  8. Reflections– We are not talking about mirror reflections but reflecting on your learning and teaching is as important as assessing your knowledge.
  9. Mindfulness– Is education all about knowledge and understanding? Definitely NO! It is also about taking care of your physical mental and spiritual health for the well being of the students and teachers.
  10. Mindset-We all tend to have a mindset lets dig deeper and understand what is fixed mindset and growth mindset.
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