The Lighter and Faster PHP5 Framework

InfoPotato is a very lightweight, well-designed & well-documented PHP5 framework loosely built around HTTP in a RESTful approach. It incorporated many good ideas and useful components from other well-known web frameworks and toolkits. Working with InfoPotato in a structured and rapid manner enables web developers to create efficient, extensible, and maintainable web applications.

Using InfoPotato Without Becoming A Hostage To It

Intuitive & No Pressure

Easy config & deploy, no complicated ORM/CLI/PEAR/Code Generation

Truly Lightweight & Fast

Tiny core, script runtime cache, auto/lazy loading, small memory footprint

Loose Coupling

Minimal dependencies among each core component, library, and the app-specific components

Built around RESTful HTTP

Focuses on the simple HTTP Request-Reponse architecture other than misusing MVC

Multi Data-Access Objects

Consitent data access API to talk to MySQL/MySQLi, SQLite, and PostgreSQL

Independent Libraries

Packed with many standalone and reusable libraries, you can also add your own

Detailed Documentation

Everything about InfoPotato and its usage are well-documented and always up-to-date

Created w/ Security in Mind

Framework-level URI attack, Session, XSS, CSRF, and SQL Injection protection

Friendly License

Licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use in commercial applications